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Track Stolen Blackberry

Track Stolen Blackberry

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Track a stolen Blackberry with the FREE Blackberry Protect App

A great way to track a stolen Blackberry is with Blackberry's recent release of Blackberry Protect. The Blackberry Protect not only perfomns physical tracking of the stolen Blackberry device, but does remote back up of the stolen Blackberry data. Here's information on how to track a stolen Blackberry:

  • Remotely back up stolen Blackberry data, this includes contacts, calendars, text messages, memos, tasks and bookmarks. This stolen Blackberry back up can be done manually or automatically.
  • Track stolen Blackberry location online using the GPS technology on the device.
  • Activate a loud ring tone on the stlen Blackberry so if it's still in the vicinity you can find it's location.
  • Remotely lock the stolen Blackberry to protect your content and prevent a theif from racking up additional charges.
  • Display a message with reward information on the stolen Blackberry in case it's found by someone wanting to return it.
  • Remotely wipe all the data on the stolen Blackberry to prevent anyone from accessing it.

How to install Blackberry Protect to track a stolen Blackberry

  1. Download the free Blackberry Protect app, this link must be selected on your Blackberry:
  2. Log into: Blackberry Protect Log In

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How To Track A Stolen Blackberry With Blackberry Protect conclusion

We at Stolen Lost & Found Online hope this helps you on how to track your stolen Blackberry. For more information on this, be sure to visit the Blackberry Protect information page.

If, unfortunately, you have have a missing Blackberry and didn't have any tracking software, such as Blackberry Protect, installed, your best bet is to report the missing Blackberry online. This online stolen Blackberry report will appear on the search engines within a day, literally making a world of difference in recovering your missing Blackberry.

We at Stolen Lost Found Online are dedicated to providing the most current and concise information to track a stolen Blackberry. If you have a suggestion of how we can better serve you, any track stolen Blackberry information or a Blackberry theft prevention tip you would like to share, please let us know. Thanks.

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