Thank You Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

As devoted Apple lovers ourselves, we would like to dedicate this page to Steve Jobs. He was not only an amazing designer and marketing genius, he was truly an innovator and changed all of our lives forever.

Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak ("Woz" "The Woz" or "The Wizard of Woz") together, in a garage, changed the world forever by creating the first compact personal computer. The Woz is the innovator and creator of the mouse. What? Can you imagine our lives now without personal computers and something to click? This amazing innovation led to the touch screen technology of today on tablets such as the iPad, the scroll pad on the MacBook portable computer (laptop) and smart phones such as the iPhone. We can now record a high-definition 1080p video on a phone and share it with millions of people in moments! Yes, the future is here. A philosophy that Steve Jobs lived by and the major driving force of Apple's amazing success is creating products not for the best profit, but in the spirit of creativity and creating products that the creators' themselves would want to use.

Walk into a coffee shop anywhere in the world and notice all the artists, writers and other creative types using Apple products. There is something about an Apple product that inspires creativity, that makes the user feel as if they are going to be more creative just by using an Apple product. This is the corner-stone of Apple success that Steve Jobs brought to the table; creating a culture around products that competitors have always tried to mimic, but will never accomplish.

Steve had such a thorough understanding that design is intrinsic to performance and growth, to customer base and customer loyalty. Every company or project he was involved with, he brought with him this same philosophy. This is why there is so much success with projects that Steve Jobs was associated with; inspiring workers and creators to implement this same spirit of creativity to what is produced.

Today, October 5th 2011, our hearts and prayers goes out to the family and friends of Steve Jobs. We will forever know exactly where we were this day. Steve Jobs will be missed by so many people all around the world and will go down in the history books for his major contribution of bringing man into the technological era. Perhaps another society, millions of years from now, will discover a computer buried in a mountain or floating in a capsule in outer space with our human history recorded on it, and of the technological revolution sparked from the mind of Steve Jobs. And that computer will be an Apple running the Mac operating software.

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