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Stolen Property Police Report

Stolen Property Police Report

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Stolen Property Police Report Overview

This article covers the importance of a stolen property police report and how to file a stolen property police report.

What Is A Stolen Property Police Report?

A stolen property police report is the official legal record of an incident of theft. The stolen property police report will include the details of the theft and information about the item that was stolen.

How To File A Stolen Property Police Report

If you are missing stolen property, the first item of action should be filing an official stolen property police report. Here are the general steps to file a stolen property police report:

  1. Go to the police station or law enforcement agency where the property was stolen.
  2. If applicable, ask for the stolen property department.
  3. Information typically requested while filing a stolen property report:
    • Serial number (this is the most important item as it's the stolen property tablets's individual identification number)
    • Make
    • Model
    • Color
    • The details of the property theft, such as when, where and how the property theft occurred
    • Any identifying marks or stickers on the stolen property
  4. Obtain a copy of the stolen property police report

Once the stolen property police report is completed, it will be entered onto a national police intranet database. This database, however, is not to be accessed by the public. To increase chances of recovering your Stolen property, alert the world by reporting the stolen property online.

Online Stolen Property Database

Here are the latest stolen property reports on the Stolen Property Database:

Serial Number Make, Model Reward Photo
No serial number recorded Stolen Ford, Exployer Reward
D630976 Stolen Rolex, R16610A30B9325 Reward
DN6GVAZ9DFJ1 Stolen Apple iPad 2, A1396 Reward
256691466202495618 Stolen Apple, iPhone 4S
DLXL35YMF19N Stolen Apple, MD544PP
4064367 Stolen Nikon, D3100 Reward Camera Icon
C3WGR9C5DNQW Stolen iPod Touch, 4th Generation
ZKHA600AABV050174 Stolen Husqvarna, TC 449 Reward
6268j4uk Stolen Rolex, GMT Reward
DLXLP8K4FCM9 Stolen iPad Mini, 32GB Reward
DLXJP0S5F185 Stolen Apple , Ipad 3 WIFI Retina Reward
DX3L43F6FML3 Stolen Apple iPhone 4S 8GB, MF257LLA Reward
F7NL8KNPF196 Stolen Apple iPad mini wi-fi 16GB, MD531LLA Reward
F2LM90JZFFGC Stolen Apple, iPhone 5 S Reward
DMVJP1N3F182 Stolen Apple, 4th Generation Reward
dkvgp0b1dfj0 Stolen Apple, ipad Air 124 gb wifi Reward
DMPJQ158F189 Stolen Apple, iPad 4 Reward
112131000286 Stolen Stolen, Canon Rebel T3i Reward
4198752 Stolen Rolex, Oyster Reward
DMPLG7PPFK15 Stolen Apple, iPad Air - 32GB Reward

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