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Stolen Apple Ipad 2 serial number DR5HPWSHDKPH

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Alert! Apple Ipad 2 reported stolen

Apple Ipad 2 theft report details:

Serial Number: DR5HPWSHDKPH
Make: Apple
Model: Ipad 2
Year: 2012
Color: White
Reward Info: 300.00
Additional Info: This Ipad was stolen from a home in Enumclaw WA, it was most likely taken to a pawn shop or traded, (a family member with a prescription drug problem was staying in the home temporarily)first names of suspects are Marlin, Mitch, Irene and Garrett. Please contact me with any information, it contains precious photos that are priceless.

Silver Springs Avenue, The Highpoint Developement , WA, 98022, USA

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