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Shoplifting Techniques Overview

Stolen Lost & Found Online provides these shoplifting tecniques to hopefully help shoplifting prevention professionals and the general public reduce shoplifting. Shoplifting is a serious problem, it costs retail businesses approximately $13 billion per year, this cost is passed on to the innocent consumer in increased prices. These added costs are not just merely in the form of higher prices at the register, it also raises taxes due to increased police man-power and conjesting the court rooms with petty theft charges.

Shoplifting Techniques

  • Fitting Rooms - A shoplifter will bring in merchandise either hidden within another item or simply put their clothes over merchandise.
  • Bolt Cutters - Some more sophisticated shoplifters will actually bring a small pair of bolt cutters with them to cut security sensors, cutting the facining metal doesn't make the ink within a security sensor explode.
  • Newspapers - Shoplifters sometimes use a folded or rolled up newspaper, inserting merchandise into the fold or rolled up part of the paper.
  • Baby Strollers - This is a very popular item as quite a bit of merchandise can be shoplifted in one stop. It is particualrily unscrupulous using an innocent baby as a shoplifting accomplice.
  • Baby Bags / Diaper Bags - Shoplifters will utilize a baby bag or diaper to stuff stolen goods into.
  • Shopping Bags - Sometimes a shoplifter will bring in shopping bags from another store and drop merhandise into the bag.
  • Point And Talk - A shoplifter will ask an employee for an item not on display so they go in the back, once they do so, the shoplifter will grab merchandise and run out of the store.
  • The Grazer - Shoplifters will pose as a shopper in a grocery store with a cart, looking at items and loading the cart, all the while inconsiculously eating and drinking. They will then dispose of the unpaid for items in a store trash can then leave without paying.
  • Ghost Arm - A more advanced shoplifter will make it appear as though they have on hand in their coat pocket when in reality it is inside their coat, they will pretend to be looking at merchandise while the innner hand reaches out and grabs items.
  • Crotch Walker - Women will wear a skirt and place items between their legs and walk out, women with stronger legs will carry more expensive, heavier items such as cameras or DVD players!
  • Rainmaker - An umbrella is strewn over an arm and the shoplifter will drop small expensive items into the umbrella.
  • The Caser - A two person operation where on person goes into a one employee store such a glasses shop, requests a service performed in the back, asks if they can go back with them while their partner in crime comes in and grabs as much as they can.
  • Suspicious Stranger - Another two person operation where the two enter separately, one person acts very suspiciously looking around very nervously, perhaps even blatently inserting merchandise into their pockets then discreetly remove it, distracting shoplifting prevention personelle while the other really shoplifts.
  • The Insider - An employee of the store will steal merchandise or set merchandise with security sensors removed for their accomplice. According to the Wall Street Journal, up to 75% of employees steal at least once and 50% of these people steal twice or more.

Shoplifting Warning

Warning! Shoplifting is no longer taken lightly, more and more stores will call the police and press charges no matter the amount stolen. In states with an active 3 strikes law, a shoplifter can face up to 25 years in prison for stealing a $50 watch...not worth it. Shoplifting, like many things, can become an addiction for the 'shoplifting rush.' If you or someone you know have a shoplifting habit, you should seek help before getting tangled up in the legal system and face possible felony charges. Do note that Stolen Lost & Found Online provides these shoplifting techniques to help inform people to be on the lookout for shoplifters because shoplifting hurts everybody including yourself with higher prices at the register and increased taxes.

Shoplifting Techniques Conclusion

Stolen Lost Found Online is dedicated to providing the most current and concise Shoplifting Techniques information. If you have any lost & found, theft prevention or consumer protection tips you would like to share, please let us know. Thanks.

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