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Police Seized Car For Sale

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Information about police seized cars for sale at auctions

Every month across the United States, government agencies such as the IRS, DEA, FBI & police departments seize thousands of vehicles. This results in a large inventory of police seized cars that are auctioned off to the public. These police seized cars for sale are listed and sold up to 95% less than their market value. Many police seized cars for sale start at $100 and most police seized cars for sale are less than three years old. A police seized car can be a great way to find bargains on cars. A police seized cars can range from junk vehicles abandoned by owners, to vehicles seized from criminal involvement.

How do I find an auction for a police seized car for sale?

There are a number of agencies that host auctions of police seized cars for sale all over the country. It can be local police, state law enforcement, a federal law enforcement agency such as the DEA, or FBI or by professional auction companies under contract by the agency.

Upcoming auctions for police seized cars is typically advertised in the largest of local newspapers. The announcements are usually made on a specific schedule, for example, the first Sunday of the month. Most announcements for auctions providing police seized cars for sale typically provide a fairly detailed list of what will be sold, although some provide little or no information at all.

Obtaining a directory of police seized car auctions

You can do the research yourself and find seized car auctions on your own or pay a fee and use online services with directories of seized car auctions all over the U.S. Using these seized car auction directories do cost money but can save you a lot of time.

How to participate in auctions of police seized cars for sale

You can locate the police seized car auctions in your area from the newspaper, online recources or by contacting the department in charge of seized car auctions at your local police station. If there is an inspection period before the police seized car auction, be sure to go early to view the seized car(s) of interest. This inspection period usually lasts two to three hours.

Tips to smart bidding on a police seized car for sale at a seized car auction

It is very important to research used car values before bidding on a police seized car for sale. You can use a cell phone with internet access for a website such as KellyBluebook.com while at the seized car auction. If you do not have a cell phone to access the internet, bring a used-car value guidebook to find the value of the seized car of interest. There are rules and procedures at seized car auctions and they move very fast. It can be a little confusing at first so you may want to audit a couple before taking part in the bidding on a seized car for sale.

Bidding on a police seized car for sale at a seized car auction

If you anticipate bidding on police seized cars at an auction, it is imperative to bring all finances to pay for items won in the bidding. Some police seized cars auctions require proof of ability to pay to even bid. Typically cash, cashiers check, or credit approval documents are all acceptable forms of payment. Some police seized cars have pre-registration fee or a buyer's premium fee on top of the sale price so be prepared to pay these fees at the time of admittance or purchase.

Purchase policy for police seized cars auctions

One very important thing to bear in mind when considering the purchase of police seized cars for sale is that all sales are final, as-is. There is no warranty or returning the car if problems are found.

Police seized cars for sale note

You can get a great deal and most certainly excitement by attending police seized car auctions, but always do the homework and a get a CARFAX vehicle history report before buying a police seized car.

How To File A Stolen Auto Police Report

The first step in any occurrence of theft is to report the incident to the police immediately. This helps you recover the stolen item if it gets confiscated and helps with an insurance claim process on the account an official police report is required to file a claim.

Here are the general steps to file a police report:

  1. Call the non-emergency phone number for the local police station or law enforcement agency where the item was stolen.
  2. Obtain the physical address and go to the police station or law enforcement agency.
  3. Once there, go to the stolen property department if applicable.
  4. While creating a stolen property police report it's important to provide the theft detective or clerk with as many details as possible, especially the item's serial number, any identifying marks or stickers. Also include when, where and how the item was stolen.
  5. Once you have completed the report, be sure to obtain a copy and retain it for follow-up and recovery.

It's important to file a police report for theft, no matter how big, small or valuable the stolen item is, because it helps the police know a thief's (or thieves) M.O. and to control theft by using crime data to increase patrol in areas with a high or rising crime rate. Sometimes an area's theft rate can skyrocket because people don't report theft incidents because the stolen item isn't of high monetary value. This is called petty theft and is how a petty thief can continue stealing because the police are not made aware of their activity.

How To Report A Stolen Auto Online

Get the world on your case! Here are the steps to create an online Stolen Auto report for free:

  1. If not yet registered, click the "Register" link at the top right-hand side of the page or click the "Report" button at page top.
  2. Enter your information and click the "Register" button.
  3. Open the email account used for registration, open the verification email and click the link in the email body or copy and paste it in your browser address bar and press the "Enter" or "Return" key.
  4. Log in to the Stolen Lost Found Online website
  5. Click the "Report" link in the main navigation bar or the "Report" button at page top.
  6. Select the appropriate category.
  7. Select the appropriate sub-category.
  8. Select to post as Stolen.
  9. Enter as much information about the Stolen Auto as possible - the make, model and serial number are especially important. Also helpful are any identifying marks and photos if available.
  10. Click the "Submit" button.

That's it. Once the Stolen Auto report is submitted it will post on Stolen Lost Found Online immediately and will appear on the search engines within a day. By reporting online you literally make a world of difference for recovering your Stolen Auto, long into the future.

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