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Lost iPhone Insurance Overview

iPhone service providers do provide iPhone insurance, however, there are more inexpensive iPhone insurance provider choices for a damaged iPhone or lost iPhone. Each iPhone insurance provider covers different items and circumstances and differs in price, coverage adn deductable. If you do damage your iPhone or loose your iPhone, the iPhone insurance and deductable will be much less than having to replace the damaged or lost iPhone.

Hopefully this lost iPhone insurance information is helpful if you are concerned with insurance coverage for your iPhone. It can definitely save you hundreds of dollars in the event you lose your phone.

Ensquared iPhone Insurance Provider

Ensquared is an insurance company that provides iPhone insurance. Ensquared an Insurance backed Wireless Protection Program underwritten by Fortegra Financial. Ensquared offers iPhone damage, iPhone theft and lost iPhone coverage for $89 per year with up to $1000 per claim, maximum of three claims and as low as $50 deductible per claim. Be sure and research the exact costs as it may vary depending on the iPhone model you wish to insure. Visit the Ensquared website or call directly to inquire about lost iPhone, stolen iPhone or damaged iPhone insurance rates.

Ensquared iPhone Insurance Coverage:

  • Damaged iPhone
  • Lost iPhone
  • Stolen iPhone

WorthAveGroup iPhone Insurance Provider

For almost forty years Worth Avenue Group has been providing personal property insurance. In the last decade with the surge of personal technology, Worth Avenue Group has become one of the leading names in insurance coverage for TV's, computers, laptops and smart phones. Worth Avenue Group is a popular choice for lost iphone and damaged iPhone coverage. This is because they provide excellent service for a much lower price.

The stolen iPhone and damaged iPhone service Worth Avenue Group provides is practically identical to the insurance provided from Verizon or Asurian. Two main differences in service is you won't get a second year manufacturer failure coverage and there is no lost iPhone coverage, only stolen iPhone coverage.

Worth Avenue Group iPhone Insurance Coverage:

  • Damaged iPhone
  • Stolen iPhone

SquareTrade iPhone Insurance Provider

SquareTrade has built a reputation in the last five years as a reliable iPhone insurance provider. SquareTrade offers the same warranties that Best Buy, AT&T and other electronic's stores sell only for much less. In addition to the iPhone insurance price, SquareTrade has excellent consumer ratings on website such as Epinions.com, NextTag.com, Google product reviews and more.

Unfortunately, SquareTrade does not offer lost iPhone or stolen iPhone coverage.

SquareTrade iPhone Insurance Coverage:

  • Damaged iPhone

State Farm

Unfortunately, the latest report is that State Farm has discontinued damaged iPhone, lost iPhone and stolen iPhone insurance plans. News like this is rather disconcerting considering how much profit insurance companies generate. To contact State Farm and inquire directly, the State Farm phone number is 1-888-559-1922.

Lost iPhone Insurance Conclusion

Should I Purchase Stolen iPhone Insurance?

This is a question that only you can answer. When considering stolen iPhone insurance, think about you and your habits as far as the way you treat and care for your iPhone. The cost of replacing the damaged iPhone or stolen iPhone will be much greater than the iPhone insurance deductible. If you take great care of your iPhone and never let it out of your sight, then you may not need iPhone insurance. If, on the other hand, you are prone to dropping your iPhone, you have a tendency to loose things or have children, you may want to consider iPhone insurance.

We at Stolen Lost Found Online are dedicated to providing the most current and concise lost iPhone insurance information possible. If you have a suggestion of how we can better serve you, and lost iPhone insurance information or an iPhone loss prevention tip you would like to share, please let us know. Thanks.

Lost iPhone Insurance Conclusion

Stolen Lost Found Online is dedicated to providing the most current and concise Lost iPhone Insurance information. If you have any stolen property information, theft prevention or consumer protection tips you would like to share, please let us know. Thanks.

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