Caught Shoplifting, What To Do?

Caught Shoplifting, What To Do?

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Caught Shoplifting, What To Do Overview

Shoplifting can be a lot more serious than most people realize, it can remain on a person's record for years and may even result in a felony conviction that can remain on a person's record permanently! Here good things to do if you are caught shoplifting:

What To Do If You Are Caught Shoplifting

  1. The first, and most important thing to do if you are caught shoplifting, is to be respectful and honest with the retail store security and the police, this can have a huge effect on the outcome of the shoplifting consequences. If you run or become violent when confronted, store security may have the right to use equal force to detain and question the shoplifting suspect in many states (innocent people don't run or fight). If you lie about the goods you were attempting to shoplift that are found on your person, you will only aggravate store security and worsen the situation. Sometimes if you are respectful and honest with store security, they will impose only a $100-$500 fine from the store, a warning to not return to the store but not press legal charges, avoiding having a shoplifting charge on your permanent legal record. A $350 shoplifting fine from the store may seem like a lot at the time, but considering the alternate of having to write the shoplifting conviction on resumes etc. and even possibly facing felony charges (dollar amount for felony theft per state), plus court and legal fees and jail or prison time, that $350 shoplifting fine seems like an easy out.
  2. Exercise your right to remain silent if caught shoplifting. This is your right, you are only a shoplifting suspect until proven guilty or you admit guilt. You can say 'sorry for my actions' without saying 'yes I stole something.'
  3. After getting caught shoplifting, get an attorney who specializes in theft or shoplifting or, in the minimum, a public defender so you can learn your rights.
  4. If you're caught shoplifting and guilty, don't try to fight the charges or sue the retail business, not only is it extremely poor forum, it will likely only worsen the shoplifting sentence. Instead, you can file 'no contest,' honestly explain the circumstance and apologize for your actions. This may in result in a judge imposing a much lighter sentence and later having the charges removed from your record.
  5. Accept the punishment, pay the fines, learn from the experience and not shoplift ever again. Multiple shoplifting offenders get much more severe punishment every time and in some states where the three strikes rule applies, shoplifting offenders with prior theft convictions recieve life in prison.

Caught Shoplifting Conclusion

We at Stolen Lost Found Online are dedicated to providing the most current and concise information about getting caught shoplifting. If you have a suggestion of how we can better serve you, any information about getting caught shoplifting or a theft prevention tip you would like to share, please let us know. Thanks.

How To File A Stolen Property Police Report

The first step in any occurrence of theft is to report the incident to the police immediately. This helps you recover the stolen item if it gets confiscated and helps with an insurance claim process on the account an official police report is required to file a claim.

Here are the general steps to file a police report:

  1. Call the non-emergency phone number for the local police station or law enforcement agency where the item was stolen.
  2. Obtain the physical address and go to the police station or law enforcement agency.
  3. Once there, go to the stolen property department if applicable.
  4. While creating a stolen property police report it's important to provide the theft detective or clerk with as many details as possible, especially the item's serial number, any identifying marks or stickers. Also include when, where and how the item was stolen.
  5. Once you have completed the report, be sure to obtain a copy and retain it for follow-up and recovery.

It's important to file a police report for theft, no matter how big, small or valuable the stolen item is, because it helps the police know a thief's (or thieves) M.O. and to control theft by using crime data to increase patrol in areas with a high or rising crime rate. Sometimes an area's theft rate can skyrocket because people don't report theft incidents because the stolen item isn't of high monetary value. This is called petty theft and is how a petty thief can continue stealing because the police are not made aware of their activity.

How To Report A Stolen Property Online

Get the world on your case! Here are the steps to create an online Stolen Property report for free:

  1. If not yet registered, click the "Register" link at the top right-hand side of the page or click the "Report" button at page top.
  2. Enter your information and click the "Register" button.
  3. Open the email account used for registration, open the verification email and click the link in the email body or copy and paste it in your browser address bar and press the "Enter" or "Return" key.
  4. Log in to the Stolen Lost Found Online website
  5. Click the "Report" link in the main navigation bar or the "Report" button at page top.
  6. Select the appropriate category.
  7. Select the appropriate sub-category.
  8. Select to post as Stolen.
  9. Enter as much information about the Stolen Property as possible - the make, model and serial number are especially important. Also helpful are any identifying marks and photos if available.
  10. Click the "Submit" button.

That's it. Once the Stolen Property report is submitted it will post on Stolen Lost Found Online immediately and will appear on the search engines within a day. By reporting online you literally make a world of difference for recovering your Stolen Property, long into the future.

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Caught Shoplifting, What To Do? Conclusion

Stolen Lost Found Online is dedicated to providing the most current and concise Caught Shoplifting, What To Do? information. If you have any stolen Property information, theft prevention or consumer protection tips you would like to share, please let us know. Thanks.

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