Apple iPhone 5 September 30th

Apple iPhone 5 September 30th

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Apple iPhone 5 Pre-Release Info

It seems that it's getting really close to Apple launching the next generation of iPhone. There are many rumors floating around but it's likely just a few weeks until Apple unleashes the iPhone 5, or iPhone 4X or whatever cool name they call it with new reports about the launch of the phone stirring up almost daily.

You know it's getting close when you hear a buzz about Apple getting ready to start taking pre-orders for the new iPhone on September 30 for those who just can't wait to get that hot new iPhone in their hands. From a business perspective it makes sense to launch in late September to boost sales and end the 3rd quarter strongly for investors and speculators.

Internal communication has it that Apple is going to launch the new iPhone in early October with and aim on October 7th, which coincides with the pre-order date of September 30th. As with anything proprietarily Apple, no one really knows until they announce it or they show up like Santa with a big shiny iPhone, but with all the buzz let's hope it's October 7th.

Typically Apple holds an event in early September to stir up excitement (and sales) so a new iPhone pre-order date of Friday, September 30th doesn't seem all too far fetched. And as it seems that the music department of Apple does't seem to be as much of a focus as it has in recent years past, it only makes sense that the focal point will be a new iPhone. And it's no wonder music is becoming less a focal point; with the technology of streaming music such as Pandora and storing music on cloud servers, the need for large storage on devices is becoming less and less and the market for portable music-only devices will inevitably start to shrink. This leaves Apple to become more aggressive on the single most powerful piece of personal technology - a all-in-one phone, computer, camera, stereo, etc. And honestly, what's cooler than the sleek design of the iPhone?

This, of course, leads to the question, "What more can Apple do to the already amazing iPhone?" For starters, Apple could release the new version of it's iOS mobile operating system, dubbed iOS 5 with the next generation iPhone. Also, the new iPhone will likely have the new A5 dual-core processor that currently powers the iPad 2, an upgraded rear camera possibly up to 8 megapixels and possibly even a larger 4 inch display. Another rumor is that Apple will release two new iPhones, one with all the bells and whistles and the other a stripped-down, more affordable version.

Currently, Apple is staying true to it's standard form with not even a peep of what is to be expected from the next iPhone and when. However, if you are an anxious tech-junkie needing a new fix of iPhone goods, the wait is not too far off now and it seems just a few weeks away from Apple releasing it's September event when they will surly not make us wait much longer.

All this excitement about the new iPhone 5 and it's wild popularity means that the new Apple iPhone 5 is going to be a hot target for theives. Be sure to always keep a close eye on your iPhone, install iPhone tracking software and know it's serial number. This will help you avoid becoming a victim of iPhone theft.

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